What to expect

Sessions are fifty minutes and most effective when on a weekly basis. Therapy works through a trusting working alliance held by this weekly commitment. However, pressures on resources or individual circumstances, may call for a more flexible bi-weekly schedule. Our initial meeting will establish your reasons for coming into therapy and how these will inform your goals for the work. We will discuss your background and how this might relate to current concerns. This conversation will allow a flexible framework to emerge in which we can work together to address your needs, initially within the therapeutic relationship. I am keen to ensure that therapy provides you with the tools and an awareness of resources to use outside sessions. I have found that breath and visualisation techniques, as well as journal writing are most helpful to allow our practice to develop. However, together we will develop tools and ideas specifically catered for your needs and living experience.

Sessions are £40 for individuals, £50 for couples (concessions available) please contact to discuss.