Our ethos

Cooking should not only give sustenance for our body but – like good art or music – it should nourish our soul.

I am passionate about our ability and potential to cook delicious and nutritious food. Classes use recipes as a foundation for your own culinary imagination to develop. Discovering the creative confidence to follow your intuition in the kitchen; seeing nutritional awareness as a pleasure and not a chore; understanding how and why to balance flavours... these all add the spice of love that brings cooking deliciously alive.

Central to my approach is the connection between food and friendship. In fact, the word “company” comes from the Latin con-panis (literally - with-bread), suggesting an ancient tradition of food and sharing. Classes are built around the importance of enhancing relationships, not only with others but with ourselves and of course food. We need to eat and are social creatures, so coming together in a supportive and friendly group to enjoy cooking good food, makes good sense in every way.