What to expect

Learn to love cooking – a creative approach to cooking sense

Exploring a range and purpose of culinary skills, giving you the confidence to love cooking; adding the spice of fun into the pot, for a tastier result.

  • Basic range of kitchen skills and recipes
  • Balancing and enhancing flavours
  • The confidence to be creative in the kitchen
  • How adding pleasure into the pot, is the secret spice...
  • Nutritionally conscious recipes, healthy treats and tips
  • Find your unique approach to making food you will love to make, eat and share

Family cooking clubs

My favourite saying, in response to students who say they can’t cook, is: “if you can feed yourself, you can cook yourself." Children just get stuck in, chopping and mixing messy delights, creating without inhibition. This course aims to encourage our intuition to be our guide, not necessarily sticking to the “wrong” or “right” way of cooking. So these classes combine the creative freedom of the child with the parent’s know-how and teaching support, to cook deliciously simple meals for all the family to enjoy.

  • Enjoy spending time together in the kitchen, making quality food for all the family to share
  • Simple and delicious meals, snacks and treats for a range of audiences
  • How creative confidence in the kitchen, raises self-esteem to take away.
  • Show kids how to enjoy making food they’re proud to share
  • Nutrition and budget conscious tips and tricks for tasty menu planning
  • Supportive, friendly, fun group atmosphere, enjoying the common language of food, our first love...

Cooking for independent living

With a background in special needs teaching, I remain interested in how cooking is not only an essential life skill, but also how the kitchen provides an ideal classroom to enhance personal as well as cognitive development.

  • Social awareness and interaction
  • Left and right brain connectivity
  • Motivation and focus
  • Multisensory learning environment
  • Holistic approach to using cooking as a functional skill for personal develop
  • Opportunities to develop flexible learning, literacy and numeracy skills
  • Holistic approach to using cooking as a functional skill for personal development
  • Recognising individual difference thru the shared human experience of cooking and eating

Cooking for health and well-being – a tasty approach

We all know that at any good party the kitchen is the best place to be: the heart of a home. It makes sense then for this to be the place to first consider our well-being; cooking good food in our friendly and supportive groups is sustenance for mind, body and soul.

  • Healthy and tasty meal ideas, as the first base for self-care
  • Cooking for pleasure = double the satisfaction
  • Enhancing relationships with good food in friendly kitchens
  • Developing creative confidence in the kitchen, to takeaway into life
  • Nutrition and budget conscious recipes, developing a resourceful kitchen app

"Charlotte's knowledge, patience and warmth made cooking a memorable experience for me and my two daughters. She gave us just the right amount of culinary knowledge whilst at time encouraging our own experimentation, which meant that months later, we were still using and adapting her recipes."

- Jo, and her daughters Isobel and Alice